Daniel Sellers For Wayzata Schools

Integrity over ideology.

A moderate, nonpartisan leader for EVERY family in the Wayzata school district.

Daniel is not focused on just one or two niche topics. He is passionate about system-wide governance and understands that school board members will encounter multifaceted issues which require thoughtful consideration.

Our students and staff deserve school board members who put them ahead of ideology. Daniel has spent his entire professional career working in and with schools: teaching, supporting new educators and helping students from all backgrounds to succeed.

We can maintain Wayzata’s tradition of excellence by focusing on what matters most:

  • preparing students for success in college, career, and life;
  • academic rigor, high expectations, and world-class opportunities for all students; and,
  • health, safety, and social/emotional support.

The Wayzata School District is a complex organization with an annual budget of more than $220 million. Daniel is a competent, informed, and steady leader who will responsibly steward financial resources while providing knowledgeable institutional oversight.

Daniel will carefully examine all sides of complicated issues, listen to parents and constituents, and base his decisions on research and data. He will uphold the excellence that Wayzata schools are known for—working hard to meet the needs of students, families, and staff.


consistent and clear communication with all families

  • Reach all families with effective, accessible messages from the district.
  • Effective two-way communication to gather input from parents and the community, as well as clearly communicating decisions once they’ve been made.

Support our amazing teachers and district staff with helping all students meeting rigorous academic goals

  • Prioritize individualizing instruction, including meeting the needs of students who are high achieving and providing increased support for students who are at risk of falling behind.
  • Ensure all students graduate ready for college, career, and life.

Continue the district’s tradition of excellence, while ensuring all students and families feel safe, welcomed, included, and a sense of belonging

  • Encourage strong relationships between teachers and students.
  • Inclusive schools, where students experience fewer absences, behavioral, and safety issues.
  • Make sure our students gain social/emotional and civic/community skills.

Put in place supports to ensure students do not suffer any long-term academic setbacks as a result of the pandemic

  • Work to close academic achievement and opportunity gaps, ensuring all students have the opportunity to live up to their potential and that we’re doing everything we can to help them get there.
  • Utilize formative assessments to determine learning loss and invest in interventions to help kids catch up.
  • Support COVID-19 mitigation policies based on science in order to keep students safe and in school. 

Practice fiscal responsibility to ensure financial health for the district

  • Serve as a responsible steward of district resources.
  • Be responsive to all taxpayers who live in the Wayzata school district.
  • Provide constituents with clear rationale for district budgets and investments.

Advocate for Wayzata students and staff at the state Capitol

  • Partner with our district’s Legislative Action Committee to advocate for our schools and students.
  • Ensure our legislative representatives are aware of the needs and opportunities of Wayzata schools.

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